Spare a thought for AJ Zane and you may be left with no less deep impression than the one he made on us: smart, creative, proficient and modest. When he turns up for work each day, there is not much chance to see him relaxedly enjoying tea or contemplating conversations. Luckily, for us this chance today is given. AJ is being an admin of the AdvancedWP Facebook group, has been developing websites for more than 15 years, this guy is a real gem of talent within the community of WordPress. When you have exhausted all possibilities to make your web project even better, remember this: you haven’t. With you we share AJ prime chart of WP plugins and a flash on everything you need to enhance your CMS. Read these things this day below. Thanks for agreeing to this interview, AJ. You’re a well-known WordPress developer. When did you discover your talent? Could you share with our readers why did you switch the passion of developing video games for WordPress CMS? Thanks for having me! I wouldn’t say I’m “well-known” so being alongside all the great content you guys put out is a great honor. I’ve been developing websites for over 15 years but I didn’t consider it as a real career option until 2011.
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