Earlier today I posted a tweet, that sadly isn’t the first I’ve had regarding my REST API course from someone within the “community”. "Why is your course not free?" Tim "Because I need to eat" "Well that's not my problem" – Not sure this is an open source issue more human — Tim Nash (@tnash) October 20, 2015 Ok nothing wrong with someone asking, and I’m sorry not all my content is free, I tried that I went hungry. Since then I have worked on building a model that is sustainable currently its not but that’s from many other factors. My REST API course is charge for course, it’s £65 ($100) in it’s entirety it’s over 3 hours of video split into 5-15 minute lessons, with 3 large tutorial sections, access to me to ask questions and a tonne of bonus material. It’s new and shiny, and still being delivered. I’ve also had teething problems, ironic ones related to running a membership site, and silly ones related to caching. Right now I’m in the middle of migrating the course to it’s own server and sub domain. Right now, the course it one of my primary forms of income, not a side project, it’s helping to feed my baby. Now that fact is irrelevant to you potentially buying the course, but might
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