Here. We. Grow. Again. Let’s quickly review a few of the solutions the Pagely Managed WordPress hosting platform currently provides: PressARMOR™ is our security protocol developed in house to secure and protect your WordPress site hosted here at Pagely. An aspect of PressARMOR is the WAF (Web Application Firewall) like capabilities of blocking vulnerability exploitation attempts, bot scans, and brute force attempts at the network edge before your WordPress site is even accessed. PressCACHE™ is our site acceleration system that utilizes intelligent caching rules to serve your WordPress pages up at a noticeable speed bump from our HyperProxy nodes. An important, but until now under utilized, feature of PressCACHE is our automatic geo caching setup. Your content is served from any of our 4 5 (more coming soon) global location’s closest to your audience. It operates under the same concept as a CDN, but specifically for the HTML page output of your site. PressCDN™ is our global content delivery network serving your static assets from dozens of locations around the globe. This is enabled by our customers as needed. Up until today these systems were operating independently of one another to
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