I hit a pipe with my drill… Have I told you about the time I tried to cut a hole in the wall, from a downstairs bedroom into the garage, that resulted in me drilling a hole in a water pipe that ended up pouring water (clean, thank God) into both the bedroom and my garage? When I looked into the cost of not only repairing it but doing it right, it felt tiny compared to what this would cost if I kept trying to do things on my own (for which I wasn’t qualified). The price to value ratio was quite high that day. On one of my first days at the new job my boss got really mad… Have I told you about the first membership plugin I purchased, to work with WordPress, years ago so that I could quickly set up a protected site where customers could download software and I could track who had and hadn’t downloaded the latest update? You see, as a software company, we were emailing customers patches to our core software. But because we didn’t know who had read the email yet, and downloaded the software yet, every time we released a patch that had a further bug in it, we had to email another email stating that our clients should ignore the last email and click on the link in the new email. Marketing
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