A few weeks ago, I was digging into some WordPress speed/performance resources and ended up reading Gregory Ciotti’s blog post about 15 ways to speed up WordPress. After reading it through, I wondered – what if I do a case study on speeding up my own site (StartBloggingOnline.com) that is also built on WordPress? Long story short, I did it. But before that, I did even more research and came up with 26 ways to speed up your WordPress site/blog. They are all listed below. To make this case study more accurate, I’ve also mentioned which tweaks I used and which I didn’t. After implementing some of the stuff in this post, I managed to reduce my homepage loading speed from 4.23 seconds to 1.33 seconds (without changing my host)! Before the changes After the changes FYI, I’m not bluffing here. I especially asked one of my web developers to follow the steps listed in this post. If you want, check out your own site speed via PingDom tool too, just go here: tools.pingdom.com/fpt/ I know by now you are probably craving for ways to speed up your WordPress, but first – read this: Why does page load speed even matter? It seems like my homepage loads only three seconds faster than before, but here’s
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