In this article, I scoured the web to find the absolute best WordPress plugins to make your website mobile-friendly. I also found a handful that you should definitely not use. I’ll review them all below, complete with a list of features and preview images. Let’s take a look at the good, the decent and the ugly. Spoiler Alert: There’s more ugly than good. A Note About Responsive Websites In most cases, when deciding on how to optimize your website for mobile devices, I would recommend going with a responsive theme. This means that your website will look good on all devices, as it will respond to various screen sizes (mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.). The same design elements, fonts, colors, and branding are used across all devices. You literally have one website, one design, one brand, and a responsive theme will make it look awesome wherever and however it is viewed. However, sometimes it’s not realistic (or within your budget) to make a responsive website a reality. Was your site built a few years ago and only optimized for desktop screens 1200px and up? Are you stuck with an older, non-responsive theme and developers are quoting you thousands of dollars to make it responsive? Do you
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