ThemeCloud is a new managed WordPress hosting company which uses the Docker platform to host your sites in the cloud. They are looking to simplify the hosting experience by offering blank WordPress installs or WordPress already setup with your choice of theme from their marketplace. The marketplace offers a number of free and premium themes from well-known theme companies, I noticed they have included by MediaPhase theme which you can use for free on their service. If you are a theme author you can submit your own themes to be sold on the marketplace, they are currently accepting new authors so check out the information below to see how you can do this. Features Scalable platform – Our Docker based hosting platform smoothly handles traffic peaks. Marketplace – Start from beautiful pre-built websites designed by renowned theme developers. Managed updates – We carefully manage core and plugins updates for you! Previews – Our unique technology lets you instantly preview your backups and snapshots. PageSpeed module – Your website is automatically optimized thanks to Google’s PageSpeed module. SSO – Forget about post-its and memos, you can securely log into all your websites in one click
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