Calypso is the big news of the week and here are some random thoughts on it. 1. This is awesome First and foremost, I am personally extremely excited about this. Not only because the new UI is really nice and pleasant to use but also because this finally shows the modern side of WordPress, or at least starts to. With VersionPress, if you abstract from all the technicalities and specific features, what we are trying to do is to modernize WordPress workflows, and I am always very pleased when I see a project in the same camp, be it this new UI, WP-CLI for a great scripted experience, always pushing for best practices, testing tools like WP_Mock and many other projects and initiatives. WordPress needs this and it’s great to see such a huge contribution from Automattic. Technically, I am also very happy that Automatticians chose React. There are a myriad of options available today but I personally believe that React is the best bet in the long term (well, you could probably guess that as we use React for our UI too ). 2. But there’s more to it After the initial reaction, about a hundred of different thoughts went through my head. What does this really mean? How will this change
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