In response to all the billing and cooing over Automattic’s announcement/release of Calypso and the general excitement of WordPress’s upcoming REST API, Andry “Rarst” Savchenko wrote an article decrying the lack of progressive enhancement being discussed or used in many of the examples. Triggered (I presume) by Rarst’s citing the A Day of REST conference site as a an example of a site not using progressive enhancement, (now removed) Joe Hoyle responded at length. Here is my contribution to the discussion (I originally started it as a comment on Rarst’s site, but it outgrew that): I presume from Joe Hoyle’s response and Rarst’s mention of removing specifics, that Joe’s REST conference site was highlighted as a bad example. So I understand the offended/defensive tone of his reply. Further, given the audience for that particular event and thus that site, I could regard it as a reasonable compromise to forego support for those without working JavaScript. However, that does not apply to the rest of the web. People not numbers Joe, you quote some figures, quite small figures really. 1.1% of users don’t have JavaScript available; 5% of users running very old versions of Internet Explorer,
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