Who would have known that stock photos are still a thing… So as I mentioned in the previous report, we launched our own “free stock photos” website. It’s called MyStock.photos, and it’s our spin on custom-shot CC0 photography. (Where by “custom-shot” I mean that all photos on the site come from us – we have 4 passionate photographers on the team. You can’t find those photos elsewhere on the web. That’s the main thing that sets MyStock.photos apart from Unsplash and other websites like it.) We launched the site officially a couple of weeks ago through various channels … some social media promotion, a mention here and there in a guest post, but most importantly via Product Hunt and AllTheFreeStock.com. Our listing got to the top spot on Product Hunt for that specific day, and we got featured as one of the new sites at AllTheFreeStock. This resulted in thousands of visits. (The credit for these awesome results goes to Cristian who was directly in charge of the project.) On a personal note, moments like that make my job great as a CEO! When you can empower people to do what they love – like photography, in this case – and then see the results of their work gaining traction, this is the
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