Crossing the 25% market share line In May of this year (2015), something changed and almost no one talked about it. Chrome, the internet browser from Google, finally crossed over the 25% line for market share. This past week, WordPress did the same. And many folks wrote about it. Good articles. Interesting articles. And excitement to see it grow far past 25%. In there, across several articles and comments, one theme I read stuck out to me. Mind you, many other points were made. But this is the one I want to address. “This gives enterprises more reason to take WordPress seriously.” Since 1995 I’ve been working on hosted software – software that today is called Software as a Service (SaaS). Back then we talked about it as applications in the browser. But the name isn’t relevant. The audience is. Because all of the applications I worked on were built for enterprises. Conference reservation systems Asset management systems Knowledge management systems Auction and ecommerce systems Billing, rating and inventory systems Maintenance and workforce automation systems Workflow systems for travel and telecommunications There’s a lot I don’t know. There’s a lot I can’t do. But over the past twenty
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