I've joined the fray of sharing every WP REST API article I could get my hands on. I genuinely think it is one of the best things that happened to WordPress probably since inception. And then recently I started getting these thoughts. WP REST API is too big and too late. WordPress became successful as tens of thousands of developers basically used it as their window to learn PHP and web development. Especially from countries with growing development communities like India. They created thousands of plugins and themes that were not always high quality code but that didn't matter, they solved the needs for the expanding user base and they helped the user base expand. A lot of these developers moved on by now. They found about other frameworks, started doing projects in Laravel or Symfony or discovered Ruby or node.js. They are not kids any more; many of them have families and not doing as much development as they used too. Which means that the future of WordPress is slowly passing onto the next generation (mind you the project is 12 years old now). And these new kids today are different. They already know all the frameworks we never even heard about. They read reddit and hackernews and they are bombarded by hipster frameworks and technologies every day. And WordPress is neither cool or hipster. My main concern is that these new kids won't be using WordPress to learn web development like I/we did. They won't be using WordPress to learn how REST APIs function like I used it to discover how PHP works. They have much more sophisticated tools at their disposal already. And somehow over the years being a WordPress developer transitioned from being cool to being almost laughed at. Seriously can you name one WordPress development community other than core dev team if that qualifies as a community? ( I do not want to digress a lot but the problem is that it isn't clear whether WordPress is a dev framework like Laravel or not; and if it isn't what it is then from a developer perspective?) And all this could cause that although the REST API brings a major improvement in the WordPress design philosophy, there won't be anyone to take advantage of it. By anyone I am referencing to tens of thousands of developers that helped WordPress grow originally, not the few hundred that will vigorously use WP REST API to create wonderful creations as we already seen shared here on ManageWP.org [1]. It feels like we needed REST API in WordPress in 2010 to take advantage of the developer momentum. It feels that at this time it is too big of a change for the 'old' generation to embrace and too late for the 'new' to take on. To end with even more food for thought I think that in order to take on competitors like Wix or Weebly, Squarespace or Medium, efforts in making the project more transparent [2] [3], secure [4] and friendlier to use might yield better returns both short term and long term (repairing brand image). Curious to hear everyones thoughts on this. Reference: [1] https://managewp.org/search?q=rest+api [2] Read answer #4 from Jason Cohen's AMA https://managewp.org/articles/11049/i-am-jason-cohen-founder-of-wp-engine-ask-me-anything#comment-3169 [3] http://managewp.com/wordpress-advisory-board [4] http://managewp.com/solve-wordpress-security
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