WordPress 4.4, scheduled to ship in December, will introduce a new option for sharing WordPress content via other websites. I’ve previously talked about a sharing protocol called oEmbed in the context that it lets you easily embed things into your WordPress posts such as Flickr photos, YouTube videos, SmugMug images, and the link. For more on how that works, see this previous article. So that’s existing functionality: embed things from elsewhere into your WordPress website. With WordPress 4.4, the reverse becomes true. New WordPress oEmbed functionality allows you to go the other way. Embed Your WordPress Content Elsewhere on the Web Once this new features ships in the upcoming version of WordPress, now you’ll also be able to embed your WordPress content (posts, pages, etc) elsewhere on your site or on the web. If it’s a WordPress site, that embedding can happen just by pasting the URL as its own line in the WordPress post editor[1]. Want to see how it works? Look no further than this blog post that discusses making this a core WordPress feature. You’ll see a couple other posts embedded and linked within that post. Think Beyond Blog Posts When you say WordPress, many folks think first
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