WP Remote, our remote WordPress management web app has been helping WordPress agencies, freelancers, and site owners monitor and update their WordPress sites since we launched it back in April 2010. It’s a centrally hosted web app. You sign in and add the WordPress sites that you are responsible for managing. WP Remote then monitors those sites, tracks WordPress Core, Plugin or Theme updates that are available and handles those updates either automatically or with a single click. It additionally supports installing and managing plugins across your sites and taking backups. It keeps a log of the things that have been done and will send a daily email notifications when updates are available. It’s primarily designed to help freelancers and agencies maintain the sites they build for their clients. WP Remote works, is used and is liked. The people who use WP Remote like it. We regularly get feedback from people telling us they use it because it’s well designed, easy to use, and robust. The fact that it allows an unlimited number of sites to be tracked for free also helps differentiate from the competition. It’s very well built, having been architected and developed by some of the best WordPress
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