WordPress popularity is not hidden from anyone! Powering over 24 percent of websites from the top 1 million sites on Alexa, WordPress holds the maximum CMS market share. In fact, some of the world's most renowned websites such as New York Times, CSS, etc. use WordPress. The beauty of WordPress is the ease it provides in creating a good looking theme. You just need basic HTML and CSS knowledge to create a new site or customize your existing website even if, you are converting from HTML to WordPress theme or design. However, many beginners find the process of creating a WordPress themed site a lot difficult. This post will serve as a definitive guide to help you understand the process of how to create or convert HTML site to WordPress theme from an obsolete website/theme. Note: Before proceeding with this post make sure you have basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and WordPress. 1. Setup WordPress Install The very first thing you need to bear in mind is to setup your WordPress install. There are two different ways that can be used for WordPress installation. You can either install WordPress locally (i.e. on your computer system) and then upload all its files and folders on the server. Another
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