Since October 2014, I developed a new hobby on building a WordPress theme with AngularJS. If you’re interested in “why” rather than “how”, honestly I can’t say there’re plenty of advantages about this approach/stack bla bla bla… Though there do be some in my opinion. If you’re interested in my learning path, I’d love to share so I’ve written a series of tutorials for you. You might spend around 5 to 20 minutes on each post and I try my best not to bore you. Any suggestion or feedback will be very much welcome. Here’s the list of my articles: Using AngularJS and JSON API in Your WordPress Theme: An introduction to use the WP REST API and AngularJS in a WordPress theme. I wrote it based on a tutorial video from – Eric Wolfe: Building a WordPress Theme Using AngularJS, but added my own flavors. This post is now listed on Resources section at, which might lead some of you to this repository. AngularJS WordPress Theme: Display Post Content with ngBindHtml: You might be wondering why AngularJS displayed post content with HTML tags but not rendered them. In this tutorial you’ll find the answer and learn two approaches to solve it. Use AngularJS Custom Directives In
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