I’ve always wondered if I am using the full potential of my WordPress Contact Forms. The answer is that you never can really know. First you have to decide to use a contact form plugin. I use Gravity Forms. Next, you have to style your forms. That’s where a plugin like Gravity Styles comes in. Then you wait. You wait patiently for visitors to come to your site and use your forms. After a while, you start to check the, very limited, entries table inside of your contact forms plugins. You can see all of the individuals that have used your forms. You can kind of see how well your forms are converting. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a WordPress plugin that kept track of how many times your forms have been loaded, how many times your forms have been engaged, and how many times your forms have actually been viewed? Allow me to introduce to you a new WordPress plugin. It’s called FormWorks. It’s like Google Analytics for WordPress Contact Forms. What is so special about FormWorks If you’re like me, you have a desire to know all of the facts. You question everything and you’re always wanting more. Especially when it comes to your WordPress site and contact forms specifically. You do not just
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