I wanted to compare theme review processes and let’s start what is your role in theme review. In my opinion you play the most important role in theme review. It’s your responsibility to build secure, well coded and beautiful themes. But where to start if you don’t even know how to build solid themes? Role model themes There are lot’s of great themes out there. But how do we know which are good role model themes? Themes that follow best practices, uses latest WordPress functions and are up to date. I have had three main sources for learning how to code themes. I started learning from Themehybrid themes by Justin Tadlock. At first I just tried to understand the code, then build some child themes, and finally have enough skills to build my own parent themes. I highly recommend Themehybrid for everybody. You can ask any questions in the Forums or Slack channel. And you will be answered! WordPress default themes are also great source for latest possibilities in WordPress. Twenty Sixteen is good example and it only works with WP 4.4+. There are several new tips and trick like these ones: In header.php file there is example how to enable responsive images in header image. In comments.php there
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