In 1996 a young guy walked into the local electronics store that I working in at the time. He walked up to me at the counter and asked what I thought about the newest mobile phone as he pointed towards the case. I said, “It depends on what you are looking for in a phone.” The issue wasn’t that the phone was a bad phone, nor that the service itself was bad either. The plans this company offered were unlike that of all others back then. They charged based on minutes used, rather than giving a customer a set amount of minutes per month. However they also charged based on the time of day, whether the calls were local or long distance, and also if you were on their network or another cell network. Sure they had material explaining all this, but it actually confused people even more. What happened quite often was that customers would come back after their first bill to cancel. Mainly because the materials that the company gave out to new customers didn’t explain the complexities of their plans clearly. The issue for that particular phone was that the company which serviced this phone lacked proper onboarding. WHY All Freelancers Need an Onboarding Process As freelancers and contractors, we
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