We’re in the midst of a series of interviews with WordPress entrepreneurs, picking their brains and experience for the juiciest bits of wisdom and practical knowledge. Today we hear from . He’s the founder and WordPress architect at DevriX. Mario has been building web apps and software solutions for over 10 years. He’s a WordPress core contributor and has created more than 20 WordPress plugins for the community. He also does a lot of teaching and speaking. “Focus is what differentiates an entrepreneur from any of the lost freelancers out there.” – @no_fear_inc Ready to talk serious planning and evaluation? Mario Peshev knows business development and shares his insights. When things are hard, how do you know when to stick with it and power through and when to call it quits and move on? In practice, when numbers don’t add up or the planning is incorrect, there are two possible scenarios: We are headed in the wrong direction and we need to rapidly switch the process and focus on something else. What we do just requires more time to get traction—in order to grow a user base or polish a product—until we find a resolution. I have a detailed business plan that covers everything we believe
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