Follow us: You ask us from time to time about the various changes in the Orion interface: the reasons why we settled on this UI, how we made a number of UX decisions, where that cute little robot mascot came from, etc. That’s why we decided to talk a little about why things in ManageWP Orion are the way they are right now, how your feedback helped shape the interface (thank you Carrie for the mention), and what the future holds from the design perspective. Reinventing ManageWP According to Your Needs We wanted to design ManageWP Orion around your needs; more importantly, . Earlier in January we wrote what was, and still is, the baseline for our design decisions. We tried various approaches and product processes, but we still didn’t hit the “perfect” one (if there’s such a thing) for our ManageWP development and design workflow. However, over time we made progress in the right direction. The main reason why we needed Orion in the first place is that the current version of ManageWP cannot be adjusted to the new challenges and changes we wanted to introduce on the market. A facelift wouldn’t do the job. We needed to rethink the flow. It’s flattering that other WordPress services on the
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