The WordPress plugin directory gives authors a set of statistics but many are left wanting more. Freemius Insights, is a new service founded by Vova Feldman, that allows authors to accumulate detailed statistics from users. Feldman and his team of four, created the service after speaking to more than 100 plugin developers and realizing there’s a huge gap between what WordPress authors have in terms of data, compared to what web and mobile products have in the market. Up Front Opt-in According to the WordPress plugin directory guidelines, plugins are not allowed to phone home. That is, secretly send data without the user’s consent. Freemius Insights provides an opt-in form that displays immediately after activating a plugin. If a user skips this step, data won’t be sent to the author and the user is forwarded to the plugin’s settings screen. The opt-in form is compatible with the plugin directory’s guidelines and is an easy way to be up front and honest with users that data is sent to a third-party. Data Collected by Freemius Insights If a user clicks the allow and continue button in the opt-in form, the following data is collected by Freemius Insights. Active Sites Users How many users
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