Today is a special day for Team Ingot: we are launching. For months we have spent long nights, had endless conversations, and dedicated a tremendous amount of time in research to take Ingot from an idea to a startup. It is a strange thing to me that we all met at a Startup Weekend in Tallahassee. We all attended for different reasons: Josh wanted to start working with people, I wanted to get my mind out of a rut caused by my first startup, and Andy wanted to tune in to entrepreneurship at FSU. Our team was also much bigger at first. Over the months, we reduced in team size, and then had the honor to add Roy to our team. We explored our team dynamic, utilized our nights and weekends to conduct customer research by running surveys, reaching out to potential customers, hosting video chat after video chat, and attending WordCamps. We began at an idea for “a networking site for entrepreneurs driven by interests” and arrived at this: entrepreneurs don’t need to network more, they need to make more sales with less investment. Iteration after iteration turned into Ingot, and today, on launch day, I would say that we all found exactly what we were looking for that weekend of Startup Weekend
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