Have you ever wanted to know what the WordPress dashboard looked like in 2006? Now you can go back and review WordPress’s evolution over the years… without a flux capacitor.

London WordPress agency, 93digital, created something called the WordPress Time Machine, which looks at the WordPress dashboard and the default theme through the years, starting with version 1.0 “Miles Davis,” all the way up to the most current version, 4.3 “Billie Holiday.”


As you can see, WordPress has come a long way since its debut in 2004.


WordPress as we know it today didn’t really start to take shape until 2008. Before then, things looked significantly different. Scroll through quickly to see the entire evolution, or click on a certain year to examine it more closely. It’s a fun way to stroll down memory lane and realize just how far we’ve come!

Images via 93digital.co.uk

Emily Schiola

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