Update: Thank you for the attention so far. Please if you can register and login to just update your avatar in time for this Friday that would be great. Thank you! It’s exciting to talk about a side project, but as I type this I am sitting in a hotel room during the week of WordCamp US. And it’s almost my bed time. So just a quick summary will have to do for now. If anyone remembers WPArmchair (which was a central place for some events and WordCamps to see a “social wall”) then this might interest you. If you like highly customized WordPress/BuddyPress sites, then this might interest you too. Conferencia.io is a work in progress, but i’m ready to open it up to people who want to register and update their profile. The site CAN be considered to be a sequel to WPArmchair – a version 2.0 – but the site can do more than just monitor social feeds and updates from other events and WordCamps. In fact, I would say the OTHER two things i can do would be: Allow members on the network to follow/join events and get notified when that event opens up it’s call for speakers and when the event starts to sell tickets. Personally I was tired trying to monitor a variety of different events and WordCamps
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