When the WordPress theme review team announced it would require theme authors to use the customizer to build theme options, many voiced their displeasure in the comments. Bruce Wampler, lead developer of the Weaver Xtreme WordPress theme, commented that his theme received a death sentence due to the requirement. Eight months later, Wampler has changed his tune and is now in favor of the customizer to display theme options to users, “I must admit that I was among the many objectors to this requirement. After all, my theme has over 600 options, and that is a lot of code conversion,” he said. In a case study published on the Weaver Xtreme website, Wampler describes why he’s now a fan of the customizer and explains the process of migrating 600 options to it. Live Updates One of the most compelling reasons he adopted the customizer is experiencing the live preview feature, “It is the WYSIWYG design paradigm, especially with ‘live update’ options, of the Customizer that have become totally compelling to me. Moving the mouse over the color selector and watching it change instantly on the site preview is just something you can’t give up once you’ve seen it,” he said. Serious Performance Improvements
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