Happy December! This is an interesting time of year as 2015 has seemingly flown by. Personally I’ve had better years, but 2016 could be a huge year for me. I’ve a lot that I want to focus on and improve on, and now that I’m fairly comfortable in myself, I’m beginning to look outward an how to improve in 2016. WordPress is still (amazingly) growing. It’s broken 25% of the internet, so the chances of short of a perfect storm or something disastrous, it will probably be around in some way, shape or form for some time to come. However, whilst it is relatively the same, it will evolve, and we need to keep up. As such, here are the three things I’m focusing on in 2016. Learn the JSON REST API WordPress 4.4 will see (or saw) something big in the Open Source world – the introduction of the JSON REST API. The API will allow effectively people to use WordPress and interact with WordPress sites without really knowing much WordPress, or indeed PHP. The REST API does seem relatively straightforward (it appears to just be some sort of notation that if you have used any API going forward), but I’m really curious to use it on a site. So my main interest for 2016 is to learn (and then use), the JSON
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