Working as a WordPress freelancer has a lot of perks, but trying to track down late payments from slow or unresponsive clients isn’t one of them. To ensure that you always get paid on time, you need to have a tight plan in place before you decide to take on a new project, which is exactly what we’re going to cover in this article. Before You Start Working with a Client Believe it or not, the likeliness of you always receiving payment on time depends on more than just good communication with your clients. It all starts with your professional reputation even before you make first contact. WordPress freelancers who’ve built and worked to maintain their great reputations prove to clients that they deserve respect. Clients who see that you have a great looking website, a portfolio of your best work, and testimonials that serve as proof of your professional experience will automatically get the impression that you’re the real deal. Having said that, it’s not all about putting up a glamorous website or LinkedIn profile. You have to practice what you preach by making sure you always meet deadlines, respond quickly and courteously to emails, and deliver outstanding work. Why should a client
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