WordPress makes it incredibly simple to add an image gallery anywhere on your site, but many site owners fail to take advantage of this powerful feature. In this article, we’ll take you through adding an image gallery, incorporating a slideshow and attractive tiling, and highlight some useful gallery plugins. Image Galleries and WordPress Image galleries have been around in WordPress since all the way back in 2008 with WordPress 2.5. Version 2.5 was a landmark release in many ways, and the simultaneous unveiling of shortcodes and galleries was enthusiastically greeted by users. Matt Mullenweg was just one of many who highlighted the functionality on his personal blog. Matt Mullenweg was an early gallery enthusiast. Development thereafter was relatively low-key, with the major changes over the intervening seven years being the overhaul of the media uploader in WordPress 3.5 and further improvements in version 3.9. With the introduction of responsive images in WordPress 4.4, images are very much back on the agenda, so it’s a good time to review the basics of setting up an image gallery. Before we create our gallery, it’s worth pointing out some standard Codex references relating to image
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