TL;DR — HTTP/2 is awesome, but requires HTTPS, which is hard to setup. Let’s Encrypt and WordPress can make HTTPS setup simple and help achieve a faster web sooner. My eyes are heavy, my head foggy. Kind of feels like I’m in a dream right now. A couple of hours ago I got home from Philadelphia, where I attended the WordPress Community Summit and the first annual WordCamp US over the past 7 days. And man, what a time. There will be plenty of recap posts published this week, so instead, I thought I’d dig into one thing I got very excited about at the summit. HTTP/2 Weeks ago I got really excited about HTTP/2 while researching it for an episode of Apply Filters. (If you haven’t learned about HTTP/2 yet, I urge you to listen to that episode. I’m very proud of the work Pippin and I did on it.) I learned that adding support for HTTP/2 on your site gives it an instant performance boost. And if you already have HTTPS setup, enabling HTTP/2 is as easy as updating Nginx to version 1.9.6+ and adding http2 to the config file: listen 443 ssl http2; If you don’t have HTTPS setup, you have do that in order to get HTTP/2 as it is only supported over HTTPS. HTTPS Unfortunately setting up and managing
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