A few months ago, we released a managed WordPress hosting product called UpThemes Hosting. Today, we are announcing version 2 of our product. We started off with a single $20/mo. plan for cloud-based, managed WordPress hosting on top of the AWS infrastructure. UpThemes Hosting 2.0 adds multiple plans to scale your hosting needs. Our goal is to provide a simple user experience and lightning fast, secure hosting with great customer service. In addition, we pre-install all our premium WordPress themes plus a curated selection of well-designed free themes from WordPress.org. New themes are added to our lineup on an ongoing basis. One might call it Themes-as-a-Service. Benchmarking UpThemes Hosting A super-fast WordPress website means a better user experience. Bad web hosts can make our themes appear slow but in most cases it is a shared hosting platform that is causing a problem, not our code. We want to ensure users have a positive experience with not just our themes, but WordPress as well. Offering a great option for hosting means an improved overall experience. In terms of benchmarking, UpThemes Hosting is extremely fast and rivals the performance of other managed WordPress hosts on
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