2015 was a landmark year for WordPress. We saw massive acquisitions, regrettable spats and entertaining rants, incredibly exciting technical developments looming on the horizon, and much more besides. In many ways, it felt like a year when WordPress finally started growing up. That’s a slightly odd thing to say about a platform that’s over a decade old and powering a quarter of the web, but there are still growing pains very much in evidence across the ecosystem. In this article, we’ll cover one nagging question in particular: Is it time for WordPress entrepreneurs and developers to start looking at diversification or will that one big egg-filled basket be enough to get us all down the line? We’ve reached out to three prominent figures in the community for their take on the subject and will be throwing in our own two cents along the way. Let’s get going! The slightly unexpected rise of the WordPress entrepreneur Before we start talking to experts in the field who are making their living from the platform, it’s worth briefly considering just how far we’ve come to be even considering the question of diversification in the first place. Back when WordPress was merrily puttering along as
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