Today CMS2CMS Team is pleased to bring you the cream of the knowledge and experience of WordPress development again. This time the conversation is going to be held with Russell Aaron. Being a WordPress developer and a WordCamp speaker, this witty man is also one of the admins at Advanced WordPress Facebook group, the Founder of Gravity Styles and GeekStreetWP, working as Creative Director for Valley West Mortgage. Get ready to absorb his wise views, pieces of advice, plans, and much more below. Russell, you’ve got a very ample professional experience and have tried diverse occupations already. Could you share the way and reasons that have made you turn from working as journalist to developer? How did you come up to WordPress ultimately? I ultimately came to WordPress by blogging on myspace about my failures as a web developer. If I got something right, I would blog happy things. If I got something wrong, I blogged in dark tone and you could instantly tell I was frustrated. Yes, I wanted to be a journalist. I loved the idea of reading a story and telling people how it made me feel. As humans, we do this all day. Either on Facebook or with friends, we have to tell our story and how we
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