Gaining authority in their realm should be the prime aim of every business. Most of the businesses are busy finding new ways to increase customer base through new methodology. However, what they don’t realize is that gaining customers through extreme SEO methods is only going to draw them away. Sooner or later, organizations realize that customers are made with same old marketing strategies and investments pursued since hundreds of years. They are trust, quality, respect and authority. And content is what brings all these elements onto a single stage. Doing it right can yield multiple results and doing it wrong can devastate your brand image. How well you know your industry is a reflection of the authority you command. A heavy content focus includes many parameters of which keyword selection is prominent. However, real authority encompasses a lot more than just keywords. Now, Google pays attention to authoritative content that is laden with topically optimized information along with highly relevant keywords. So, is Keyword Research Dead? Authoritative content does not signify that keyword research is no more relevant. It just got more complex and more specific. Topically optimized content
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