For the last few months David and I have been working on two different plugins with the same goal: helping you convert more. Conversion rate is simply a measure of how well your site is reaching its goal. Are you making sales, generating leads, getting mailing list sign ups? Whatever the point of your site, you need to know how well you’re doing and how to do better. We’ve made a lot of plugins to help you make websites. Now we’re making plugins to help your sites perform better for you. Honestly we didn’t plan on building two plugins for conversion rate optimization. David wanted to understand how forms performed better, so he made FormWorks. I was annoyed with how complicated A/B testing was and wanted something simple, so I made Ingot. We’re developers — we code solutions to problems. We want you’re sites to work better for you. We want them to be smarter sites that deliver better results based on real data. For a limited time you can save by purchasing both together. Purchase Ingot and FormWorks purchased separately would cost $150. Right now you can get them together for $120. A/B Testing Made Easy Ingot grows out of the nagging sense of guilt I have for not doing very much A/B
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