Here at WP Engine we’ve been looking at ways to bring the speed of our HHVM based Mercury platform to even more of our customers. Fortunately, the PHP team has spent the past year (or so) in a speed war with Facebook’s HHVM team. Zend claims #PHP 7 is faster than #HHVM, with data. Facebook claims HHVM is faster, with data. Either way, your code gets faster. #ZendCon — Larry Garfield (@Crell) October 20, 2015 According to tests by each respective team, HHVM and PHP 7 have been neck and neck when it comes to the number of raw, uncached hits they’re able to handle. We’re seeing some really impressive numbers out of PHP 7, however. Now, while I don’t have anything to announce as far as PHP 7 availability goes — it hasn’t even been officially released yet — you can bet that we’re working hard to bring a stable, performant implementation to our customers. To wet your whistle, let’s take a look at the raw data from a siege test — 25 concurrent users over 5 minutes across 10 randomly selected URLs — run against a basic WordPress (4.3.1) install on our Mercury Vagrant… PHP 5.5 Transactions: 4354 hits Availability: 100.00 % Elapsed time: 299.64 secs Data
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