I’m pleased to announce that I’m the new owner of Pro Plugin Directory. I got in touch with Steven as soon as I heard it was for sale via email, as I believe in the potential of the project, and have been quietly following its progress since launch. After an initial higher offer by another interested party (there were more than 20) fell through, mine was picked as the next best. The next step was to setup an Escrow for the funds, wait for those to arrive, and then transfer the domain and site files. The whole process went about as smoothly as these things can (thanks again Steven!), and PPD is now hosted on my SiteGround VPS. I should say a little about who I am, because some of you might not know me. If you do, it’s probably because I (like Steven) run a theme shop. I’ve been fascinated by the idea of buying websites since around 2012 when I bought my first (non-WordPress related) site on Flippa. I’ve bought a few sites since then (nowadays I try and stick to what I know: WordPress) and they haven’t always worked out but I’m excited to build on the traction Steven has managed to create for PPD and turn it into something truly valuable for the community. What does all this mean for
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