…, you’ve been a good year to us. Let me briefly look back and also sketch out our plans for 2016. 2015 in review 2015 has been an all-important year for VersionPress. I know we’re still in the Early Access mode which many of you would like to see changed but a lot of good things happened throughout the year nevertheless: In January, we launched the Early Access Program. Even though it was a kind of a paid beta, it was confirming again and again that you guys are excited about the vision and want to support it even if the production version it not ready yet. In April, VersionPress 1.0 was released, allowing you to have a site automatically versioned in Git, including database changes. From the user perspective, it was a simple “undo button for WordPress” which allows you to be much more confident in actions such as updating plugins or deleting things. In summer, we closed a seed round of funding from Credo Ventures and 4 other investors in Prague. I know this sounds more like an internal thing but was really significant for the future of the project. In October, we released VersionPress 2.0 with sync / staging features. You have to see it to believe that VersionPress can merge two databases
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