SitePoint already has a long list of articles on WordPress theme frameworks, but as you’ll see, there are dozens of frameworks out there, all with their own strengths and weaknesses, and catering to different styles of development. Introduction to WordPress Theme Frameworks I was sitting in my office, scratching my head, thinking about WordPress theme frameworks. It is late I’ve been researching for this article for days, weeks, even months and wondering what to write, that is different and unique to the other writing styles about frameworks. Lost in my thoughts I had a brain wave. It occurred to me that when people write about WordPress frameworks they tend to cover only the main ones, you know… the ones that the developers in your local WordPress Meetup community specialise in. frameworks like Genesis, Thesis or WooCommerce. Why is that? Maybe they didn’t look hard enough, or maybe they didn’t want to write about frameworks that might just die off (or are no longer developed). Or maybe they had a tight deadline, and defaulted to the top ranking ones from the search engines. Who knows? I want to be different! Yeah that’s right, sit back grab a coffee. I’m going to take you through
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