Despite WordCamp US 2015 ending less than a week ago, general admission tickets are on sale for WordCamp US 2016. The event is scheduled for December 2nd-4th in Philadelphia, PA at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Tickets are $40 each and grant attendees access to both days of the event, swag, and lunch. Alx Block, one of the lead organizers of WordCamp US, says other ticket types will be available soon, “ We’ll absolutely offer a micro-sponsorship again, just like the Jawn this year,” he said. The 2015 event sold 2,671 tickets. 1,788 General Admission 18 Jawn Microsponsorships 865 Live Stream The organizing team is hoping to sell around 2,000 general admission tickets for 2016. Typically, WordCamps sell tickets a month or two from the day of the event. Block explains how WCUS is able to start selling tickets immediately, “We already have the larger logistical pieces in place. We know the location, we’ve signed the contract with both the venue and the official hotel, and we’re really excited to keep the momentum going,” Block said. If you’re undecided as to whether WordCamp US is worth it, I encourage you to read the following recap posts by those who attended. I was unable to attend
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