There are over 40,000 plugins available in the WordPress Plugins Repository, struggling to get your attention. Whether you’re searching for a simple caching plugin or a more advanced option, finding the right solution can be tedious and strenuous. Moreover, there is a greater probability that the results can be disappointing. No wonder, sifting through dozens of plugins to find one best plugin can rack your brains. And, as 2016 is fast approaching, it becomes imperative to create a list of the best free plugins. Having said that, let’s now look at 10 WordPress plugins for 2016 you shouldn’t miss considering for your site: Wordfence Security Protecting your WordPress install from hacker attacks can give you a hard time. However, the Wordfence WordPress security plugin can help provide enterprise-class security for your site and can make it 50 times faster. The plugin comes loaded with several great security features that help keep a website protected against brute force attacks. Some of its security features are real-time blocking of known attackers, security scanning, login-security and much more. WooCommerce The e-commerce market is flourishing at a fast pace. Thus, taking your retail
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