It’s been a great year for Torque Magazine — filled with tutorials, WordCamps, plugins, and more. Let’s take a look at some of Torque’s most popular articles in 2015!

In the Community

WordPress wouldn’t be WordPress without its robust community. Let’s take a look at 10 community highlights from 2015:

WordPress now powers 25% of the Internet

Inside the workplaces of 16 WordPress community mavens

Habits, skills, and tools of 10 world-class WordPress developers

The best WordPress swag and gear for the true fan

ManageWP’s weekly AMAs

‘The History of WordPress,’ the story (so far)

Automattic wins cybersquatting battle for

The WordPress Foundation sues for up to $100,000 

Interview with Kyle Maurer, founder of

Everything you need to you about the new, Calypso

WordPress REST API

The WP REST API was undoubtedly one of the hottest topics in 2015. And with the scaffolding recently merged in core, it will continue to gain momentum into the new year.

‘The Ultimate Guide to the WP REST API,’ an ebook by Josh Pollock

‘An Untechnical Guide to the WP REST API,’ A white paper for non-developers

Ticket line up for A Day of REST confirmed, tickets still available

Use cases of the WP REST API (WordCamp US Edition)

Working with post meta data via the WP REST API

Client side applications powered by the WP REST API

Adding custom routes to the WP REST API

Working with users via the WP REST API

WP REST API gets new OAuth server

On the WP REST API: Reflecting on the past and looking to the future

Plugin Highlights

This year Torque reviewed hundreds of different plugins. We even released an entire free ebook about them. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular plugin posts in 2015.

28 of the best free WordPress plugins in 2015 (so far)

Create a job board using WordPress job board plugin

Jetpack alternatives for WordPress: 45+ plugins to get the features without the bloat

A review of the official Twitter plugin

The ultimate guide to WordPress eCommerce plugins

32 must-have (free) WordPress plugins

10 of the best Woocommerce extensions

Ultimate Guide to WordPress Plugins

Learn Something

We published a countless number of WordPress tutorials in 2015 on topics from multisite to MailChimp. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular:

Beginner’s guide to Git for local development

Creating future proof, extensible plugins: A best practices guide

How to learn JavaScript as a WordPress developer

A beginner’s guide to the Genesis framework for WordPress

The beginner’s guide to MailChimp for email marketing

An in-depth guide to using WordPress SEO by Yoast

How to duplicate a WordPress site

WordPress custom post type, a tutorial for beginners

How to build a portfolio website in WordPress


This year, there were 89 WordCamp, with 21,000 attendees in 34 different countries. Unfortunately, we couldn’t cover all of them, but we did manage to cover a few.

WordCamp San Deigo

WordCamp Miami

WordCamp Orange County

WordCamp Denver

WordCamp Europe 

WordCamp Vegas

WordCamp Boston

WordCamp NYC 

WordCamp Berlin 

WordCamp US

The Future Of WordPress

This year, the future of WordPress was on everyone’s mind. Let’s take a look at some of the predictions from 2015.

Is modular code the future of WordPress?

Where do you see the future of WordPress in 10-12 years?

WYSIWYG in WordPress: the future of interfacing with the world’s most popular CMS

What will WordPress be like in 10 years?

Automattic’s acquisition of WooCommerce and the future of WordPress

Torque Milestones

The Torque Wappuu contest

Revisiting Torque’s top ten most popular articles 

Torque is two and there’s a lot to celebrate

Torque’s Ultimate Guide to the WP REST API 

Torque’s Ultimate Guide to WordPress Plugins

Torque’s Untechnical Guide to the WP REST API

Torque talks video interviews

We want to take the time to give a huge thanks to our contributors for sharing their work and to our readers for keeping us motivated. Happy New Year, WordPressers!

Marie Dodson

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