Transparency Report #10 – DOCS, and Why They’re Important for Your Software Business Welcome to the 10th edition of the transparency report! This series is all about the business goings-on here at CodeinWP. Month after month, I try to focus on everything that’s interesting and everything that I think might be useful to those of you who run similar businesses. (Previous reports? See them here.) In this edition, I talk about what happened at CodeinWP in November 2015: Although we tend to forget about this sometimes, WordPress plugins and WordPress themes are classic software-based businesses. At some basic ground level, the product is not much different than any other application a person might have installed on their computer. And that’s especially from a user’s point of view. I mean, when someone buys your WordPress product (be it a theme or a plugin), they face the exact difficulties that someone who buys a new operating system. The thing needs to be installed, configured, and … well, made usable. By me, you have three ways of tackling this issue: either make your product uber-simple, so people can press a button and it just works, or have an awesome support, or give your customers
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