Theme Highlights Layout 2-column, responsive layout Fonts Merriweather, Montserrat Menu Locations (2) Responsive Menu Yes, with support for dropdowns Widgetized Sidebars (3) Right sidebar, bottom of content (left & right) Featured Images Supported, rendered as square thumbnails Page Templates Colors 4 default color schemes, unlimited options for background, text, links & secondary color Custom Header Image Custom Background Image Menus & Navigation There are 2 menu locations in Twenty Sixteen: top navigation & social links. Top Navigation The main navigation is exactly where you’d expect it: at the top of every page. Links are either right-aligned and placed to the right of the site title, or if many links are added, below the site title. It includes support for multi-level dropdown menus, at least 3 levels deep (it might go deeper, but I only tested up to 3). On smaller devices, it transforms into a collapsible menu that expands on tap. All links are still accessible, even ones 3 levels deep. Social Links There’s an additional menu for social media links, which, on larger screens, appears in the footer. For smaller screens that are using the collapsible, responsive menu, the social
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