We set out to overhaul our website back in spring. Of course, many wise heads nodded sagely and said, “internal projects are always the most difficult”. Traditionally, it’s difficult for companies to carve out time to create quality work and products for themselves. Some previous iterations of our own site, admittedly, were built with a narrow focus and only borrowed time for design and development. But we’re more than a client services company – we are used to building products for ourselves, and not just for others. This means we value highly adaptable and flexible teams, and we took on the internal project challenge with confidence. That said, over the course of working on a completely new site, we definitely met with challenges. Some of those were mitigated by beginning the project with defined budgets and a protected team, and by setting real deadlines. Others needed more creative, ad hoc solutions, as with any product with evolving ambitions, and over time we pulled in additional resources as needed. Going open source We also wanted to use the project as a sandbox to experiment with pushing our approach – releasing work early, testing and looking for input from outside the core
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