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An Inside Look At Twenty Sixteen: The New Default WordPress Theme: WordPress 4.4 shipped a few weeks ago, and with it came a new default theme, Twenty Sixteen. Get to know the new theme and how you can use it.

Charlie Livingston, Founder of aThemes, Acquires Pro Plugin Directory: Pro Plugin Directory accumulated 170 plugins in only five months, and now it was sold. See how and why the company decided to be acquired.

Responsive Images Now Landed In WordPress Core: With 4.4, users are finding it much easier to deploy responsive images. Learn how to use them.

Is It Time To Diversify Beyond WordPress: Nobody wants to say goodbye to WordPress, but maybe it is the right time to look at where else you can use your talents while still working hard at what you love.

Speaker Line Up For ‘A Day of REST’ Is Confirmed: ‘A Day of REST’ is approaching quickly, and now we know exactly who will be attending and speaking. There are still tickets available so don’t miss out.

New Plugin Lets User Resize the Customizer Pane: You can now drag the customizer pane to the size you prefer. This is exciting, but what does it say about future customizer options?

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