With the rapid development in the web realm, the advanced web development tools, including CMS (Content Management System) are gaining great popularity. Today, most business owners are seeking lucrative solutions that can allow them to easily modify and update their website as and when desired without hiring a webmaster. Like, if they want to add or remove web pages from their site, they can accomplish it proficiently using a simple and intuitive interface. Luckily, CMS like WordPress allows individuals with or without any prior technical knowledge to proficiently handle their sites. On the other hand, for managing an HTML site, one must possess expertise to work on an editing program like Dream Weaver; this is not a simple task. Although, you can find a plethora of guidebooks and tutorials that can help you get started with the HTML development, but unfortunately, these guides have a great learning curve and demand a lot of skills and hard work. This has certainly encouraged people to transform their existing site into an easy-to-handle website. Since, WordPress is a powerful platform that offers wonderful features, converting HTML to WordPress makes a viable choice for the majority
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