Hey y’all. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend. We did too. We went on a team retreat and reflected on how things went for the past 6 months. What was different this time was, we weren’t constantly checking our phones as to how the Thanksgiving sale was going. Because we had no sale running this year. Lately, we have been building strong convictions with how we see business. A major learning is not to have any sort of discounts (except of course for non-profits and students). There are a few factors that drove us to this decision. When we decided on the pricing of addons, we carefully analysed the development, maintenance and support costs involved for each addon and made sure our customers get a fair value for the money they are spending. But when we give discounts, there is a conflict with our belief of fair value exchange. If we are giving an addon for a lesser cost, we are indirectly communicating to our customers that the value they will get out of it is lower. We used to give discounts to users who asked for it. But we soon realised that we were being unfair to users who paid the full price. How would you feel when a friend says that she got the Addon Suite with a 20% discount,
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