December 4-6, 2015 marked the first WordCamp US. Nearly 2000 people attended the event, which was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s PA Convention Center, and thousands of others live streamed it all over the world! I was lucky and honored to go to WordCamp US, as part of Team Yoast. So, before I get into recapping my WordCamp US experience, I want to publicly thank Joost de Valk for not only treating some of our team to attend, but for being able to meet some of our team members from the Netherlands. So, now I can recap WordCamp US. The reason why my experience is broken into several parts is because I took a LOT of pictures. I also wanted to share some stories, because one of the biggest things I’ve been reminded of is to make meaningful connections wherever I go. Ben Fox of Sidekick Pro had emphasized this during his talk at WordCamp Las Vegas 2015 (September 2015), and I’ve taken that to heart. I made it a mission as a representative of Yoast, and also for my own business, to make a lot of meaningful connections. I actually lost my voice by the end of the trip. Part 1 is dedicated to the WordCamp US pre-party experience. PhillyPress Cheesesteak Get-Together On December 3rd, I had put
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