2015 was another great year for WordPress. Let’s revisit some of the most important, and most talked-about moments of 2015. I’ve categorized them by highlights first, or jump down to a month-by-month, calendar-like recap. WordPress 2015 Highlights Drag’n’Drop Page Builders were #alltherave …and to be frank, I’m not a fan. I understand the desire for non-technical folks (business owners, in-house site managers, etc.) to take control of their sites, but the bloat & theme lock-in that many mutli-purpose, drag’n’drop, all-in-one, do-everything, be-everything themes create… sorry, it’s just hard for me to get on board. Functionality belongs in a plugin. Design & style belongs in a theme. Period. Focusing on What Matters Theme & Plugin developers on both sides of this one. Some are looking for additional products to add to their current offerings, and others are looking to focus on their core product(s), and do away with the ones they can no longer adequately support. Pippin Williamson Sold 2 Plugins Pro Plugin Directory changes ownership Steven Gliebe sells Pro Plugin Directory to Charlie Livingston of aThemes. Acquisitions Automattic Acquires WooThemes With 17 total acquisitions under its
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